Blackwood’s Oath – A Poem by Ashosh Ma’al

The Ashosh is the King of the Starbornes in my fantasy book, The Ocean Hearth. Ma’al is his name. So here’s a poem I made in the character’s voice. It tells the tale of a pact made between the Starbornes and the foreign men. Enjoy 🙂

A hundred and ten years I roamed this earth,

A wonder it is, a wonder its worth,

For the olden days have passed and young blood came fourth,

But they will always know the Blackwood’s Oath

A tale of terror amidst the lightness,

A tale when man first ever witnessed,

Our turquoise skin and violet hair, never caressed,

Of how they desire the fruit of our harvest

But our fathers’ wisdom was sovereign,

A pact and an oath, forged amidst the rain,

That man shall never touch the Dalharian plains,

In exchange for silence as man spread their reign.


This poem is meant to be an adjunct to the novella itself. For those of you who have read it, I hope it had added more context to the story for you. If you don’t get it at all, you could read about the Starbornes more in my book, The Ocean Hearth by clicking here.

P/s, this is a response to the prompt of the day, Wonder, by the Daily Prompt.




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