Magic in Fantasy Books

There are many ways to spells in fantasy fiction. And luckily, they can be grouped simply into a few categories so that we have a place to start when we brainstorm for ideas. So here are four ways ways of how magic was used in literature

Pure Spells

Pure spells is a very popular way of performing magic. Just say a few jargons and suddenly something magical happens. It’s like a cheat code in real life! Don’t know what words to say? Just blurt something out! As long as it makes sense in the world you’re creating, it’s okay!

Magical Relics

This is where all the wands, orbs, ancient books, staff and swords come into play. Many stories in fantasy rely on relics to perform their magic. This gives a magic wielder some kind of limitations or perhaps even an amplification of what they can already do on their own!


It is debatable whether this is magic or science (who says it can’t be both?) But this is where all the potions, alchemy and elixir are grouped. You mix a bunch of chemicals and BAM!!! You got yourself the cure to immortality that becomes the major plot device in your story.


This is quite a religious one. This kind of magic is not actually conjured by the spell caster herself but rather by the deity she is praying to. Perhaps the spellcaster was enlightened or honoured by the gods (or demons) that they were granted amazing powers? Maybe the deities gave her foresight? The point is that you have higher beings granting them power over natural things.


This is one I’m trying to wrap my head around because I really want to make a story revolving around it. Magitech implies that you combine both magical and technological aspects of a story and merge them into one. One way I was thinking of how to use it was to use magic as a fuel for machines. Or perhaps even creating machines that amplify the power of magic. It might even be interesting to see who would win in a fight: a caster using a machine to channel his magic or a caster with a relic? That’s a good plot to play with.

So there you have it!

A quick browse through some ways you can conjure magic in your story! I hope you find this helpful. Thanks for reading and all the best in your writing!

p/s: this is a post in response to the daily post’s prompt of the day, which is “Conjure“. Do check them out!


7 thoughts on “Magic in Fantasy Books

  1. Interesting post. I love thinking about the different types of magic. So many possibilities! I’m just wondering into which category you would sort magical powers/abilities that are innate and don’t require any type of spell, incantation, object, potion, prayer or technology? Things like manipulating the elements, or telepathy and telekinesis etc.


  2. I’ve always wanted to write something with magitech too. Always seems like if you can pull it off in the right way, you would have a very special world on your hands and a fun system to explore. Cool post!


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